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                                          FEATURES OF DIAMOND GRINDING OF HARD                                                          AND BRITTLE MATERIALS USING NANO PARTICLES IN A COOLANT 


Artyomov Igor Iosifovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, vice rector for research and innovation, Penza State University,
Krevchik Vladimir Dmitrievich, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of physics, Penza State University,
Sokolov Aleksey Vladimirovich, Postgraduate student, Penza State University,
Simonov Nikolay Petrovich, General manager, public corporation “Penzadizelmash”,
Artyomova Natalya Evgenyevna, Candidat of engineering sciences, associate professor, sub-department of descriptive geometry and graphics, Penza State University, 

Index UDK

532.66 : 532.528 : 621.923 


The article considers a cavitational mechanism of nanoconstructing a component’s surface layer with microcracks in conditions of implse stress waves appearing as a result of shock interaction of single-point diamonds with processed
surface. It is shown that the narrower is the oscillation spectrum, the more effective is the influence of impulse stress waves on acoustocapillary effect. The researchers have theoretically investigated one of the possible mechanisms of cluster formation from nanoparticles in the microcrack capacity of the component’s surface layer, connected with 2D-dissipative tunneling of electrons through potential barriers of nanoparticle’s oxide film. The authors experimentally prove the possibility of controlling quality characteristics of the surface layer during ferrite grinding through application of the process liquid modified with metal nanoparticles. 

Key words

cavitation, microcracks, nanoparticles, acoustocapillary effect, dissipative tunneling, ferrites. 

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